CBD OIL 3000 mg


3000mg CBD oil from Vantage Hemp is manufactured to global pharmaceutical standards and contains our unique FDA-registered CBD API.

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CBD Oil – 3000 mg

Vantage Hemp’s oils and isolates are manufactured to global pharmaceutical standards. This formulation contains our unique, FDA-registered, full-spectrum CBD Distillate blended with MCT Oil.

What is Pharmaceutical Grade CBD?

Pharmaceutical Grade CBD products are created and tested in a laboratory setting to meet the compliance standards of the pharmaceutical industry. These include WHO GMP, ICH Q7, and FDA 21 CFR 210/211.

Drug Master Files Submitted to the FDA

Vantage Hemp has submitted Drug Master Files (DMFs) to the FDA for our CBD Distillate Oil and CBD Isolate.  This means Vantage can provide the FDA with the necessary information about our products to validate our entire production chain. A DMF is a regulatory filing containing confidential details about Vantage Hemp’s manufacturing processes, ingredients sourcing, quality control procedures, and more. It is used to inform the regulator about Vantage Hemp’s ability to produce safe, consistent, and effective pharmaceutical products.  Only a small handful of CBD companies are able to accomplish this regulatory filing. Submitting a DMF to the FDA is voluntary, but it is another way Vantage Hemp demonstrates its commitment to quality and transparency.