by Tara Sue Clark, Gaming Benefits Corp

The NC AMVETS Service Foundation announces the successful completion of its first Beta Test Raffle- A 50/50 cash drawing benefiting their annual Memorial Weekend program.

Veteran service organizations have served elemental roles in local towns and cities all around the world. After WWII, a large and strong volunteer based of former military and their families created a fabric of community service, scholarship, little leagues and other programs that feed people, educate and serve the public.

“One accomplishment we are most proud of is our Annual Remembrance on the River Memorial Day Weekend event.” Says founding board member and President, Jean Reaves.

Proceeds from this raffle will support the Annual Remembrance on the River Memorial Day Weekend Event at Weldon Mills in Weldon, North Carolina (ROTR).  REMEMBRANCE on the RIVER is held on the banks of the beautiful Roanoke River in honor of our lost war heroes to tell the story of the service to God and country that every service member provides and to ensure all citizens understand the history and importance of these sacrifices.  Remembrance on the River includes a series of memorials and displays which are open and free to the public.

This year the event was rained out, augmenting the value of social media and online technology for volunteer and donor engagement.

Enter the online 50/50 for veterans in NC.  Most veteran posts are familiar with the 50/50 raffle, which is often a part of every organizational meeting.  The key to this model is that it opens up giving outside the membership well of support and gives the general public the opportunity to participate.

Established nonprofits who have served decades in communities are under attack by the gaming industry.  Sportsbook is proliferating along with sweepstakes shops for any charity-come-lately while long-working volunteers struggle to meet their bona fide charitable mission.  The aging demographic of volunteer service oganizations makes modern methods of fundraising a bit challenging-meaning extra care is required.

North Carolina AMVETS Service Foundation, 501c3 works to enhance and safeguard the entitlements for all American Veterans who have served honorably and to improve the quality of life for them, their families, and the communities where they live through leadership, advocacy and services, particularly by supporting Veteran Service Organizations with their own raffle fundraisers.

“We can distribute this raffle platform to any veteran service organization in North Carolina.” Says Nancy Shriverdecker, Treasurer of the organization.

“There are lots of veterans groups and other charities that need help and by getting them up and running we help ourselves too.”

There is no up front cost for the charity to participate in online raffle fundraisers and the platform pays for itself with each entry purchase.

NC nonprofits can hold up to 4 raffles per year totaling up to $250,000, or raffle real estate up to $500,00 in value.

To learn more or to get your nonprofit raffle started, visit this link>